This portion of the course will continue from where the advanced course left off.  Attendees must be proficient in PDO threading at this stage.  One must have attended the advanced practical application courses above and/or attended PDO classes one and two with empire training or you must be performing the procedures in your practice for at least a six-month period prior to attendance of this portion of the course. Class sizes are small and the educational requirements are to avoid disruptions in the educational environment while avoiding impeding the pace of the treatment of models provided.


Topics for this PDO master class will include:


1. Advanced Body Assessment

2. Master techniques for arms, butt lift, abdomen, & potentially knees and arms

3. Advanced anesthesia protocols

4. Potential complications and how to resolve them

5. Models provided to allow for five to six hours of hands-on-training 


All graduates will have one year of consultation services with any and all of AAI educational staff by Skype or telephone. You will also receive notifications in a digital format of advancements, corrections and perfections of all procedures. Notification of new products introduced and the correct applications for all new introductions will be forward to all graduates ongoing. 


If you should be unable to reach a proficient level of performance based on an educator’s evaluation, or if you should choose to attend a refreshers course. You will be allowed to retake the course at a future date within one year at half the published price of any course at any location within the United States.