About AAI

ADVANCED AESTHETICS INSTITUTE was developed to educate practitioners who want to enhance their practice when offering noninvasive solutions to new and existing patients.

Our goal at AAI is to offer more than basic education around thread lifting with PDO thread technology. We are also focused on helping you promote a new procedure, increase ROI and grow the noninvasive side of your practice. 

There are several options when it comes to PDO threads, however our goal is not to train providers on a specific brand of threads, but to educate and clinically train on a procedure, no matter what PDO thread you may choose to incorporate.

What AAI Offers:

  • In-Office Preceptorship Trainings
    • Consult Specialist
    • Active recruiting of all models
  • Small group training at our institute
  • Threads, Medications and Models provided for all trainings.
  • PDO Thread Certification: 
  • AAI 2-Day Hands-On Course
  • Printed and framed certificate
  • $500 credit towards your first thread order
  • Post-Training Follow-up & Support: 
  • AAI + Training Staff: Phone/Text/Skype Support.
  • Updates on any advanced offerings at AAI
  • Personalized access to training information

AAI additionally offers business consulting post training, marketing, and resources for advancements such as combination therapy recommendations and packaging suggestions.