Atlantic Beach Courses

In House Courses

In house courses are designed to be located within your own practice. Essentially- We come to you. This course is ideal for a group of more than 2 providers with their staff who want to incorporate the thread lift procedure into the practice and be trained together over a selected 2 full days.

In house courses are unique because AAI ensures that everything you and your group will need to complete a successful training is delivered right to your door. AAI provides all models required for hands on training, threads, medications, Master Trainers and an assigned Consult Specialist.

 AAI is specifically focused on the training and education on thread lifting procedures. Our training courses are not tailored towards a particular vendor or brand of PDO threads.

 In house courses follow a specific agenda covering basic thread lifting concepts and live model training over a full two days.

 Topics for this Master Thread training class will include:

  • Didactic educational sessions
  • Discussions around the history behind thread lift procedures
  • How to structure a consultation.
  • Live hands on training with 3+ brands of pdo threads.
  • Promotion and marketing thread lifting to your patients.
  • Managing patient expectations, outcomes and avoiding complications.

Courses held within your practice are led by our Master Thread Trainers who have had significant experience using threads themselves and training on procedures within this space.  Our trainers are also offering advancements within their own practice such as adding thread lifts in combination with other noninvasive options to tighten, lift and enhance volume.

 All certified trainees will complete their training given the following:

  • $500 credit to be used toward your preferred thread vendor or the ability to order threads through AAI at a discounted rate with expedited delivery to your office
  • Thread training certificate printed, framed and shipped to your practice.