This course will provide an extensive educational look, into the practical application of PDO threading into your practice.  Attendees must be proficient with needles (i.e. Filler, Botox, etc.) and had some previous experience.  

Topics for this Practical Application Course will include:

    - Advanced Facial Assessment

              - The use of specialized threads when and where to use them

    - Midface + Lower 3rd Advanced Threads & Thread Techniques

    - Combo treatment suggestions + Stacking Threads

    - Treatment Parameters and will cover one or more of the following: Brow lift, Tear, Trough or Eyes.

    - Potential Complications which may arise and how to resolve them efficiently.

All students will take part in three hours of hands on training with models provided by and AA Institute allowing for a proficient progression to the advanced class if so desired. The goal of this class is to allow you enough hands on training to be comfortable with the PDO procedure and allow the attendee to advance to the master class level. It is suggested you take both courses on the same weekend to allow for immediate advancement, as well as take advantage of any offered discounts. Upon completion you will be proficient enough to advance to a master certification level as it relates to the head and neck procedural areas.  In addition, there will be a collaborative discussion on effective marketing strategies as well as guidance on procedure pricing.